Learning For Life — Summit Event Introductions Part 5

It’s been a super busy week. I have a new appreciation for people that are on air all the time. I am mentally and physically exhausted after three days of recording guest speaker interviews. I have had such a great time talking to each person about their area of expertise. I can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to watch the interviews.

A few thoughts from the this week. The field of education is hard, but people in this field have a passion and purpose and in spite of the obstacles and challenges, are champions for students. It was refreshing to talk to people that in spite of all the changes and challenges in education this past year, each one was able to speak about positive things they have experienced or observed.

I have also experienced something quite intriguing and quite honestly disappointing. There has been two things that have occurred with guests once they committed. There have been those that have been very professional and responded to requests quickly and have been a pleasure to work with. The other side, and unfortunately many of these people I actually consider to be friends, have been unreliable and have not followed through on things they have committed to. I have found that to be very challenging and disappointing when you are depending on someone and they let you down. The biggest disappointment is when they make promises and don’t follow through and won’t respond to communication. It also has been a good reminder to me to follow through and try and keep my word.

Kristen Large

Kristen Large is in her 25th year of teaching and has spent the last 18 years focused on struggling readers. While attaining her master’s in special reading, she developed an intervention model focused on diagnostically assessing student needs in order to target those areas while still teaching students to love literature.

I met Kristen the fall of 2019 at a workshop where she was the featured presenter. I was impressed with all of her practical ideas for how to help struggling readers. I knew when I was putting this event together that I wanted to invite her so she could share her pratical ideas for working with struggling readers with the Learning For Life audience.

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

Frederick Douglass

The joy is in the journey!

Blessings and Peace,


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