Learning For Life —Summit Event Introductions Part 3

Today was an exciting day. I started interviewing guests for the virtual summit event that will be taking place in a couple weeks. That is if everything goes according to plan and there are no glitches!

Today I interviewed Julie Sweet the health and wellness coach that was featured yesterday. We had such a great conversation talking about mental health to stress management to being learning different due to dyslexia.

The second interview today was with Alyssa Hoekstra that works in my hometown running a Distance Learning Center at a local church supporting the learning needs of students while their parents are working.

In Alyssa’s words, “Families have been struggling with hybrid and distance learning models. Anticipating the need, Willmar AG church created a Distance Learning Center to benefit the community. It provides a solution to parents who are wondering how they will work while keeping their kids learning and school work on track. Alyssa Hoekstra runs the Distance Learning Center at the Willmar AG church in Minnesota.”

Rosa Isiah, EdD is an Educational leader, International speaker, leadership consultant and author who currently serves her school community as Director of Elementary Schools, Equity and Access in California. As an educational practitioner, Dr. Isiah has also served as a Teacher, Bilingual Specialist, Language Arts Specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Coordinator of Federal and State Programs.

Rosa is a connected educator and the founder of #WeLeadEd Twitter chat. She is also the host of WeLeadED BAM radio podcast with a focus on leadership through a social justice and equity lens. Dr. Isiah was recognized as the 2016 Body and Mind Education Radio Thought Leader of the Year and the Loyola Marymount University 2019 Educational Leader for Social Justice recipient. Dr. Isiah is the coauthor of 3 books focused on leadership, relationships, SEL and Equity. She has also contributed her voice to a number of leadership books, blogs, and panels on equity, antiracism, leadership, school culture, and English learners.

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

Frederick Douglass

The joy is in the journey!

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